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My Crazy Life SBOW

Our Wool Summer Block of the Week will be called: My Crazy Life.  Who cannot relate to that? Each week My Crazy Life will consist of making 4 wool on flannel -7 ½” blocks.  There will be an official total of 48 blocks, however we will have a few extra block designs that you will be able to choose from to make, if one of OUR Crazy Life blocks doesn’t fit into YOUR Crazy Life.  

Our finishing kit is NOT ready for you to order, and we will NOT be taking any orders for it until we reveal it and the price.  We are hoping to have that available to start to order in a couple weeks.  If at the time you choose not to purchase the Finishing Kit, your quilt will measure 42” x 49”.  If you DO choose to order our Finishing Kit, once we have everything finalized on it, your quilt will measure approximately 64”x 72”.  When purchasing the Finishing Kit, you will also receive the Binding.

We have put together a Supply Kit for you that has everything you should need to create My Crazy Life.  Our Kit will be an Empty Project Case containing 3-packages of Steam a Seam 2 Lite, a tube of 6-#24 and 6-#22 Chennile needles, and a 7 ½” Creative Grids Ruler.  You will need the 7 ½” ruler to square up your blocks, this is the best way to ensure accuracy. These Supply Kits should retail for $47.25, however if you purchase a COMPLETE Supply Kit, you will receie 25% off which will bring it to $36.00.  This will be shipped with your first SBOW.

We will also have the option for you to purchase Flannel Backing Fabric for your SBOW.  If you would like to purchase Backing you can do so with a 25% discount on the 4 yards you will need, which will come to $36.00.  Please put the color you would like to have on your backing in the COMMENT SECTION and we will pick out an amazing one for you. If you do not put one in the COMMENT SECTION we will still pick out an amazing one for you! 

We will be doing the Thread Kit in 2 sets.  To be shipped to you Week 1, Week 5.  We will let you know when they are available to order as soon as we are able to.  When you do order the Thread Kit we will match that up with your SBOW so that they ship together. You will find that available to order separately in this category.

You will have 2 options for paying, Pay in Full or Paying Weekly (In-State and Out of State).  If you Pay In Full, you will receive one FREE Shipment + Blocks as our Thank you.

Here is your pricing break down:

Paid in Full:  Will Receive 1 Free Shipment for Paying in Full

(Block + Shipping)

$ 15.00 per week for the block         Out of State: Grand Total $209

$   4.00 per week for shipping         In State: Grand Total:  $219.45

$  19.00 total per week OUT OF STATE

$  19.95 total per week IN STATE

Paying Weekly:

$ 15.00 per week for the block         Out of State: Total Paid $ 228

$   4.00 per week for the shipping     In State: Total Paid $ 239.40

$ 19.00 per week OUT OF STATE

$ 19.95 Per Week IN STATE 


You do not have to limit yourself to just doing one Summer Block of the Week!  You can do any combination if you would like to or do all 3! When placing your order, please order EVERYTHING that you would like to purchase.  Due to all different options that we have available for each of the projects we ask that you order under those categories, and if you do more than one we will adjust your prices accordingly.  Please see the links below to see the combinations that can be done and the pricing sheets for all of them. 


We always do a great Freebie Block to go along with your SBOW, this year is no different.  Our Freebies will revolve around pennies.  We do recommend that if you do not already have our Circle Template that you invest in one.  It will make making all those circles a breeze for you!  If you pay in full you do not have to worry about your credit card being valid each week.  If you are paying weekly, your credit card needs to be able to be charged each week to receive the Freebie, if it gets denied and we do not hear back from you until the following week, your Freebie will be pulled from your package.  This is a bonus project for doing our SBOW.